BRONZE  STAR  DONORS  -  ($5 - $249)

Ms. Deborah Banks

Mrs. Paulette Brown

Mr. Bruce Carpenter

Mr. & Mrs. Tarik & Keisha Claiborne

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Brenda Drapper

Mr. Hosea Finn

Mr. & Mrs. Everett & Mae Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph & Karen Haller

Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Sallie Loughery

​Mr. Byron McCoy

Ms. Lorraine Neal

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Annie Nixon

Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Mary Beth Richards

Mrs. Sabrina Fludd Simmons

Ms. Laverne Tinsley

Mr. Claude Tompkins

Mr. Russell Wright

2021  Fund Raising - June - December

      GOLD  STAR  DONORS  ($500 - $999)

       SILVER  STAR  DONORS -  ($250 - $499)

Mr.  Robert Foosaner

On behalf of the Darius Lawrence Montgomery Foundation, Inc. we would like to thank you for your donation.

Your financial support helps us to continue in our mission to bring awareness to Hypertension, Heart and Kidney Health and stipends for three college bound senions.

Your support makes it possible for our foundation to make the community a healthier place.   Thank you again for your support.

           PLATINUM  STAR  DONORS  -  ($1,000 AND ABOVE)