BRONZE  STAR  DONORS  -  ($5 - $249)

Ms. Carol Foster Allen

Ms. Adele Andrews

Ms. Deborah Banks

​Mr. Ad Barnes

Ms. Jeanne Bayer

Mrs. Jennifer Baylor

​Ms. Kathy Bryant

Mr. Bruce Carpenter

Mrs. Teressa  Clark

Ms.  Stephanie Coates

​Mrs. Annette Colcough

Ms. Queen Corley

Ms. Lorine Dewdy

Mrs. Celeste Duncan

Mr.  Hosesa  Finn

Mrs. Quiana Johnson Fleming

Ms. Sabrina  Fludd

Mrs. Doris Gay

Mrs. Britt Green

Mr. & Mrs.  Everett Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Haller

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Jennings

Ms. Barbara Johnson

Ms. Kimberly Lawrence

Mr. Byron McCoy

Ms. Asia & Alicia Montgomery

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nixon 

Mrs. Margaret Perry

​Ms. Celeste Ragland

Mr. Clarence Ragland, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Richards

Mrs. LaVerne Tinsley

Mr. & Mrs. Jake Saunders

Mrs. Olivia Scott

Ms. Patricia Shellman

Ms.  Gwen Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas (Ruby & Mickey)

Ms. Gail Wiggins

Mr.  & Mrs. Jomo Wilson

Mrs. Janice Winston

Mr. Russell Wright

2019 Fund Raising - May - December

           PLATINUM  STAR  DONORS  -  ($1,000 AND ABOVE)

A3 Technology/Mrs. Karen Vargas

       SILVER  STAR  DONORS -  ($250 - $499)

Mr. Robert Foosaner & Ms. Jennifer Bush

​Mr.  & Mrs. Henry Moss

On behalf of the Darius Lawrence Montgomery Foundation, Inc. we would like to thank you for your donation.

Your financial support helps us to continue in our mission to bring awareness to Hypertension, Heart and Kidney Health and stipends for three college bound senions.

Your support makes it possible for our foundation to make the community a healthier place.   Thank you again for your support.

      GOLD  STAR  DONORS  ($500 - $999)

Ms. LaVonia Proctor

Darius Lawrence-Montgomery Foundation

"Thumbs Up 2 BP Checks"